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Alexandra Stade

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Alexandra Stade


I have worked in the collections field since 1987 and have been at AXIOMA since 1995. In addition to specific dunning actions and enforcement and insolvency proceedings my responsibilities include making sure that we have an effective workflow starting with our approach to all processes, software and our IT environment. The fact that we were one of the first firms to transition to digital files speaks for itself. We update our processes constantly to reflect legal and technical advances in the collections area. This is the only way we can do better for our clients. 

Because of my many years of experience I know that many collection agencies stop after submission of financial disclosure forms. For us, that is when the work really starts. For every client, we delve deeply into every situation and examine all available enforcement options: lawyers and tax advisers work closely together with us in this area as well.

Parallel to my work, I have also completed my studies as a legal administrator (Rechtsfachwirtin). I regularly attend industry-specific seminars and have pursued advance training the field of financial accounting. The knowledge I have gained both from my education and training as well as working as a notarial assistant serves me well in the real estate enforcement field, to name just one example. My motto is “There’s no such thing as giving up!”

For me it’s important to spend time doing something entirely different every day: music! Every day I play the electric organ, my WERSI, for one hour; my favourites run the entire spectrum from classical to pop, the only thing that’s important is a great melody. I attend concerts all over Europe on a regular basis.