AXIOMA offers legal and tax advisory services as well as accounting services all under one roof. We provide advice to our clients that is both comprehensive and includes input from all relevant disciplines. By taking this approach, we are able to provide you legal certainty and we take care to ensure that any traps or legal pitfalls can be avoided - and we show you where you can take advantage of any economic opportunities.

Thanks to decades of experience in the legal, tax and accounting fields we have the expertise necessary in order to successfully advise and represent you in all of these disciplines. For small and medium-sized enterprises, we also serve as a point of contact for all business-related questions and can even take over the work of your accounting or human resources department. In addition, we can assist you in criminal matters and receivables management. We take the responsibility we shoulder on behalf of our clients very seriously. For example, we conduct a thorough review of whether regulations that have been applied to you are proper, both in the field of tax law as well as private law, and whether they in your interest.

Regardless of whether you come to us as a business owner, start-up or for your personal matters, whether your head office is in Mannheim, elsewhere in Germany or abroad. Please feel free to contact us and describe any matters of concern. We would happy to be of assistance whether in German, English, French or Spanish!

Comprehensive services …