You believe in your plans. We can help you realise them successfully.

At our firm, we have established a team that focuses on handling matters for business start-ups. Our start-up team knows exactly what it takes to make sure that good ideas also have a good chance of economic success.

The start-up team first determines the right entity choice for you. As part of this process, the team considers both legal aspects and tax aspects equally and even considers inheritance-related matters if relevant. Our specialists provide advice and support during all of your negotiations with banks and public authorities. Using the revenue and profitability forecast we prepare for you, along with an airtight business plan, you can successfully apply for start-up loans.

When making a business acquisition, thorough due diligence determines whether money you have invested will provide for your future or whether the investment will fail. A lawyer’s expertise is required in order to monitor contractual commitments and liability exposure of the target enterprise. The tax adviser reviews the tax risks posed by the target enterprise itself and those associated with the acquisition and then structures the acquisition in the most tax efficient manner. The accountant/chartered auditor’s area of responsibility comprises an examination of the financial books of account and the business valuation. If you wish, we will handle the formation, sale and reorganisation of your business. We have decades of experience in conducting due diligence and business valuations.

However, that’s not all: Thanks to our expertise in various fields of specialisation, we are able to assist you in all (tax) legal matters and are also able to provide business advice and even relieve some of your administrative burdens. The description of our services for business owners and for individuals provide an overview of what we can do for you.

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How do we approach our work specifically?

On our website we have compiled representative cases that we have of course modified so that it is no longer possible to discern the identity of the persons and companies involved.