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Florian Frank

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Florian Frank

Lawyer, chartered accountant and tax adviser

I answer tax, legal and business questions in my role as a lawyer, chartered accountant and tax adviser. It may be true that I followed in the family tradition of lawyers and notaries, however I never wanted to limit myself to a single field. The fact that our firm is able to offer services in the legal, accounting and tax fields all under one roof is what makes us truly unique.

What matters to me is the ability to take all important factors into account and then create a sensible plan for our clients. I primarily advise corporate clients: during reorganisations, when making investments in other companies or when relocating into or out of Germany. If desired, we are able to assist our clients with these complex transactions in the relevant local language, whether English, French or Spanish. I am fluent in all three of these languages.

My clients appreciate my ability to recognise relationships between issues and my systematic approach to handling complex matters. A long-time client once said to me “You are a finely-skilled technician”. How would I describe myself? Judicious, persistent and generous with a lasting affection for France. I apply my persistent nature and tendency toward structure and relationships in my free time when I am practising Yoga, Qi Gong or playing my violin. Because I believe in the benefits of Qi Gong, we offer all employees the option of participating in the firm’s own Qi Gong group. Led by Qi Gong master Ms Ling Li we now practice together once a week.