If you are looking for both competent advice and reliable support related to wealth creation as well as a host of other life events,

you can count on AXIOMA. During life, we face the need for competent legal advice that does not include tax advice on many occasions: In family law or inheritance matters, support and property division issues in divorce matters, terminations in the case of labour law, traffic law if you have an accident or disputes related to tenancies or leases...

As our client, you enjoy certainty that we are able to assist you with any legal issues - and that you can make the most of your assets. Rather than using tax savings models that have a short horizon and often only benefit the adviser or broker, we focus on long-term, secure wealth creation for our clients. We provide you comprehensive advice in tax matters. In addition, our firm has the legal expertise to successfully defend you in criminal tax matters.

In the case of support and property division cases, we are able to find a solution that is ideal for you and we make sure that it is implemented. In the case of workplace disputes, you benefit from our particular expertise in labour law and employment protection legislation. Our succession and testamentary planning is based on our advisory expertise in the tax and family law fields.

We have been engaged to manage properties for both domestic and foreign clients. In addition, we have developed professional property management as a further segment of our portfolio of services.

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How do we approach our work specifically?

On our website we have compiled representative cases that we have of course modified so that it is no longer possible to discern the identity of the persons and companies involved.