We recognise the benefits of comprehensive services

and are proud that we are able to offer interdisciplinary services to our clients. This is the only way that we can ensure that you are on the safe side and that, from a long-term perspective, you are making the most of your assets, plans or your company. Our advisory services are all cast from the same mould - thanks to our combined skills in the fields of law, tax consulting, accounting and business consulting and much, much more...

Legal advisory services

We focus our practice on developing legal solutions for business transactions, M&A support, reorganisations, equity investments, business formations and likewise provide advice and representation in the case of disputes between shareholders or heirs. Our advice is also sought frequently where reliable business valuations are needed in the case of divorce-related property disputes. We have developed a speciality area in advising stock market newsletter publishers and financial information services.

Tax advisory services

As is the case with many other tax advisers, AXIOMA offers the full range of tax advisory services. However, our interdisciplinary approach is what clearly sets us apart. Tax consulting is the practical application of tax law. A tax lawyer is always involved when providing advice on complex matters. The number of tax assessment notices that contain errors is not insignificant. Tax advisers often shy away from proceedings before the fiscal courts - not us! We are zealous but also open to reasonable comprise.

Accounting and business consulting

Our accounting group is led by Florian Frank. He is a lawyer, tax adviser and chartered auditor. We advise German and foreign companies or independent professionals as well as the German subsidiaries of companies from the United Kingdom, France and Spain. Our advice starts with selecting the ideal entity form and includes detailed business plans, financial analyses and operational controlling and can even include structuring and supporting your financial accounting department. We can also replace your human resources department. Experts in personnel-related topics handle your payroll accounting function and all questions related to social insurance. Labour law related disputes are resolved efficiently in your interest - with resolution sought before the labour courts as needed. The focal point of our accounting practice comprises business acquisitions - whether acquiring a company outright or acquiring an ownership interest. We have decades of experience performing due diligence reviews and business valuations. AXIOMA is a member of the Torus International Consultants Association.

Defence in criminal tax matters

We have been able to recruit employees with significant experience in the criminal tax law field. This has permitted us to establish significant expertise in this field. This makes it possible for us to successfully defend and stand by our clients in criminal tax matters.

Legal debt collection

AXIOMA Legal debt collection has been a sign of quality in the field of debt collection for five decades. Why? Anyone can send out dunning letters and threaten enforcement measures too. However, successful collections requires the skilful application of enforcement and debt recovery law. This field is complex and subject to constant change. Anyone who wants to be successful needs regular training, –  not to forget legal training. We consistently pursue this goal and use modern research tools in order to obtain information about a debtor’s financial situation. This makes it unnecessary for you to engage a collection agency - thus saving collection commissions and membership fees. If attempts at collection succeed, the customer pays us nothing. If the attempted collection does not succeed, we charge a processing fee that we agree with you - generally € 75.00 - as well as expenses for court costs, court officer and credit reports. We work for banks, businesses, independent professionals and craftsmen.

How do we approach our work specifically?

On our website we have compiled representative cases that we have of course modified so that it is no longer possible to discern the identity of the persons and companies involved.