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Gerhard Schollmeier


At AXIOMA, I always get actively involved when an issue related to criminal tax laws in their broadest sense is raised. For example, if a client is considering making a voluntary disclosure. Or if the tax investigation authorities get involved following an audit. I provide advice and support to our clients founded on all my knowledge and many years of experience - expertise that I also contribute to our regular meetings where we discuss our clients’ matters and our potential solutions from a variety of points of view.

I have an “insider’s” perspective on all processes and procedures in the area of criminal tax law and the courts that is based on 38 years’ of professional experience in this area of practice. For example, I can assist in developing a reasonable and promising approach within the scope of what is legally permitted.

Many people are unaware that lawmakers have noticeably tightened many screws in the field of criminal tax law. In addition, courts are moving toward imposing terms of imprisonment without any portion of the term suspended. Voluntary disclosures are now being subjected to much greater scrutiny - it is essential for them to be complete and prepared with the utmost care. A stable, trusting relationship that permits complete openness is required for us to be able to appropriately represent our clients in this sensitive area. Accordingly, in addition to a clear view of what is feasible and permissible, my work also requires a great deal of finesse.

For many years I have also deliberately taken time to pursue other things guided solely by my own interests. For example, there are topics that I have enjoyed since my days at school but for which I never had time to pursue at any depth. Today, I spend time working on mathematical problems or with recent history, both of which I simply find very interesting in their own unique ways.