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Markus Jung

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Markus Jung

Tax adviser

In cases where tax-related structuring opportunities are involved, I always look back to my experience as a practitioners and front man at the tax investigation authority. The first steps along my career path included positions at the state fiscal authority, working as an auditor and time at the tax investigation authority. Thanks to this background I know what works and also what is better left alone.

Today, the focus of my practice is providing tax-related advice - there is a wide variety of structuring opportunities available, for example using holding companies as an organisational component. A number of legal fields are at play in this area - which is why working in this field is so interesting. What I like at this firm is the fact that I can work hand-in-hand with my colleagues from the legal and tax consulting fields and am able to pass my experience along to my clients. My work as a tax adviser has evolved into providing comprehensive and individualised advice to corporate clients - both from a classic tax-planning standpoint as well as prophylactic advice intended to prevent criminal tax liability.

The synergies at the firm are invaluable and future plans call for creating an even tighter link between lawyers and tax advisers in future. We coordinate our efforts on a thorough and detailed basis at our weekly meetings. I believe that teamwork is essential to the functioning of any business. Another factor is providing employees space and permitting constructive criticism that runs in all directions - approaches that we take at our own firm - and leading employees with candour.

Eloquent, determined and inquisitive. This is how colleagues and clients view me and these qualities also describe how I approach my work. Because the half-life of tax laws is brief, I pursue advanced training and education on a continuous basis and make sure that I am always up-do-date with legal developments. Standing still is something that has no place in my life - not when I’m spending time with my daughter nor when I’m training with my football club. I enjoy reading three or four books in parallel because I have so many different interests.