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Sybille Novotny

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Sybille Novotny

Senior Consultant

As the head of the tax department at the tax consultancy AXIOMA I am responsible for administration, organisation and coordination. I make sure that the foundation for providing ideal tax structuring advice is in place. I’m able to rely on an experienced team of employees, tax advisers and lawyers. This team implements tax concepts subject to the consideration of all relevant aspects and is responsible for creating the specific design.

I’m an all-rounder with a talent for all the practical aspects of a tax consultancy. In addition, I’m constantly updating my training across all relevant fields. This is important because the fundamentals are changing constantly in accounting and tax law and this is exactly what makes my work so interesting. We want to take the best advantage of tax opportunities in the interests of our clients. When international legal norms are involved including double taxation treaties, for example in the case of consolidated financial statements, there are even more factors that need to be given consideration. This is why our tax advisers and lawyers work so closely together.

Whether CEO or craftsman: I purposely adjust my approach to the needs of every client. Empathy is required in addition to technical expertise because by its nature tax advice always touches on personal matters. It’s often the case that our work includes personal advice - for me trust and reliability represent the basis for this type of long-term client relationship.

The more difficult the situation the greater my aspirations. The reason is that I enjoy meeting challenges. I seek my work/life balance through hiking, bicycle riding on the golf course.